FFS with Amida Care


Many of our New York patients seeking facial feminization are in network with Amida Care.  Amida care is an amazing resource and insurance plan for transgender patients providing access to comprehensive care and surgical solutions.  Amida Care was developed by the New York state department of health and is the largest special needs plan in New York State.    Dr. Bastidas is in-network with Amida Care and can provide facial feminization and top surgery for their subscribers.

Amida Care sponsors gender affirming surgery from facial feminization (FFS), top surgery, and gender reassignment surgery.  For FFS, Amida care required 2 letters of support from your providers. Usually one is from a mental health provider and one is from your doctor who provides your hormone treatment.  During the consultation for facial feminization, every area of your face that gives your dysphoria will be assessed and addressed during the surgery.  A CT scan is often required prior to surgery to determine the shapes and volume of the facial skeleton.  Amida care often does not require prior authorization for this CT scan to be performed at our in network Lenox Hill hospital facility.

After your 2 letters  are obtained, we will submit our clinical note and the letters to Amida care for approval.  The approval process can take several months sometimes.  We often allow patients to save a date in the near future while this approval process is occurring.  Our goal is to deliver the best FFS care to our patients, with beautiful confidence building results and to make the entire process very comfortable and engaging for our patients.

To qualify for Amida Care you must also qualify for managed medicaid and live in New York City.  We recommend visiting their website: https://www.amidacareny.org/
to learn more about the plan and to get valuable information and resources.  We are proud to participate with Amida Care and will continue to provide the best FFS results possible to all of our New York and out of state patients.

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